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Legal Document Templates

Did you know that you can use a legal document template to solve many common legal issues? These document templates offer you a reliable legal framework at a fraction of the cost of employing lawyers and solicitors.

Each one of these contracts are professionally drafted by experienced solicitors to comply with Australian laws, allowing you to competently meet many of your legal and contractual requirements.

Whilst its true that complex legal matters do require professional advice, many straightforward day to day legal matters can easily be addressed, simply by having access to the correct document.

In fact, it’s no secret that the legal profession uses templates just like these every single day.

Choose from a wide range of quality legal document templates and kits to protect your interests including the following.

  • Residential, Commercial and Retail Property Leases
  • Huge Collection of Business, Company, Franchise, Partnership, Workplace, and Real Estate documents
  • Family Law including Binding Financial Agreements for Cohabitation, Pre Nuptial, Post Nuptial, Separation, Child Support and Parenting Plans.

These document templates are supplied by RP Emery and Associates. RP Emery are an internet based legal publishing service who have been providing the business community and individuals with professionally drafted, easy to use legal contract templates since 1990.

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We offer a range of legal contract and document templates to suit most common legal issues for business and personal applications.

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Commercial and Retail Leases

Contractor Agreements

Employment Contracts

Family Law (Financial Agreements) and Personal Agreements


General Agreements

Legal Contract Bundles

Loan Agreements

Other Business Agreements


Rental and Tenancy Agreements

Rental or Hire Agreements

Sale of Business

Trust Deeds

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