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Australian Rental Agreement

When renting out your residential property in Australia, it is important to follow the procedures set out in the tenancy legislation of your State or Territory.

Australian rental agreement

The tenancy legislation prescribes certain clauses which must be included in your Australian rental agreement.  It also sets out procedures which must be followed by both the Landlord and the Tenant.  The prescribed clauses and procedures differ slightly from State to State.

It’s worth noting that there are several web sites marketing rental agreements to an Australian audience that do not comply with our residential tenancies legislation.

Using an agreement that have been drafted for another country or failes to meet the requirements under Australian law will put the landlord at financial risk.

Choose carefully, because failing to comply with Australian law could see significant penalties imposed.

RP Emery & Associates have tailored Australian Rental Agreement Kits for each State and Territory, providing Landlord’s with all the resources they need to manage and protect their investment.  The Kits contain the appropriate Tenancy Agreement and all of the information you need to navigate your way through the tenancies legislation in your State.

The premium packages include additional forms and instructions on their correct use to assist with the ongoing management of the tenancy.

RP Emery & Associates professionally drafted Australian Rental Agreement Kits are available here for immediate download.  When you purchase a Kit, you will automatically have access to all future updates of the documents contained in the Kit.  And you can use your Kit again and again.  Simply edit the documents, save and print, it’s that easy!

Follow the Links below for Immediate Download of Australian Rental Agreement Kits for Each State and Territory

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