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Commercial Equipment Rental Agreement


How to rent equipment and draft a rental agreement.

Whether you want to open you own Jet Ski rental shop, need to use some temporary scaffolding or simply want to rent a car while yours is out for repair, you’ll need to use an Equipment Rental Agreement.

These agreements can cover almost anything, and can be used by anyone who wants to rent equipment, be they renter or owner. No matter if it’s a car, computer or camera, if the owner of the property is letting someone else use that property, and charging them a fee to do it, they’ll need an Equipment Rental Agreement.

Renting equipment for fun or work is a simple, cost-effective way of using something you don’t want to buy. Renting equipment to others can be a great way to start a business. Either way, if you are renting to others or renting something for your own use, you need to make sure the terms of any Equipment Rental Agreement are clear and understandable. You’ll be glad you did.