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Disclosure Statements

Retail Tenancy Laws are governed by each individual state in Australia. While being similar, they do differ enough that there are different agreements for each state. A landlord is required to put all information relevant to the negotiations in writing.

In most states, the Tenant is required to receive a Disclosure Statement. This has to be provided as soon as the negotiations begin otherwise tough penalties apply. The Disclosure Statement should include among other thing the amount of rent payable, the lease period outgoings that the tenant would be responsible for and many other considerations.

Some states provide these forms for free, but are extremely difficult to comprehend. That is why most legal professionals charge upwards of $1500 for a Retail Lease and Disclosure statement. One should note these Disclosure Statements are intended for use with smaller strip type shops or the corner store. They are not for use with large Retail shopping centres.


You can also view our Retail Leasing Kit – which includes the Lease and Disclosure Statement.