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Agreement Between Tenants in Common Contract

How to co-own real estate as tenants in common.

Whenever a person wants to buy a home, commercial lot or other piece of real estate, they might want to do so as a member of a group of like-minded investors. There are many ways of going about doing this, with the buying as tenants in common one of the most often faced. A form of co-ownership, tenancy in common is a term used to describe how the property is owned, which party is responsible for what. Most commonly found among time-share or similar agreements, tenants in common is a way to divide the practical use of property easily and without complications.

Time-share agreements and other co-owned properties can be much fun, and often a worthy investment. But before you enter such an agreement, you should be clear what the terms are. A tenancy in common often comes with responsibilities, and you need to be sure the agreement is satisfactory before you sign.