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There are a number of trusts that are common these days. These include Discretionary Trusts, Unit Trust Deed and Property Trust Unit Holders.

Discretionary Trusts

Often know as Family trusts, these trusts are one of the most flexible business and investment structures in Australia. On top of helping to secure the financial security of your family, they have the added benefit of a number of commercial and tax advantages.

Unit Trust Deed

This kind of agreement is where the trust property is divided into a number of defined shares called ‘units’. In much the same way as shareholders subscribe for shares, the beneficiaries subscribe for the units.

In proportion of the units held, the beneficiary is entitled to the income and capital of the trust in proportion to the number of units held.

Property Trust

This agreement is a contract between  the unit holders of a Unit trust in which they agree to regulate unitholders’ rights and the management and operation of the trust.

The unitholders’ agreement details a unitholder’s responsibilities and liabilities to other unitholders as well as the process to be followed should there be a dispute or if a unitholder wants to sell their holding.