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Fixed Term Employment

Fixed Term Employment Agreements must clearly define the specific task or project. This agreement operates for the specific period of time specified by the parties. The length of the agreement cannot be ambiguous if using a fixed term agreement. The agreement must state when the agreement begins and ends.

When the agreed end date is reached, the agreement will automatically expire without either party needing to terminate it.

Fixed Term Agreements should be sufficiently flexible to enable the agreement to be terminated in certain circumstances before the end of the fixed term.

Entering into a Fixed Term Agreement gives you the opportunity to consider the circumstances where early termination of the agreement may occur. This may be, for example, where the employee engages in misconduct, breaches a fundamental term of the agreement or performs at an inadequate level. Or you may allow the Agreement to be terminated with the written consent of both parties or by either party giving 30 days notice.

Fixed Term Employment Agreement available for immediate download. Comes complete with a comprehensive users manual and instructions. So easy to use, just edit and print your legally binding agreement. Use over and over again at no extra cost.

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