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What is a license agreement?

Here we will show you 3 types of license agreement and what role they can play in a business environment.

Copyright License Agreement

The Copyright Act 1968 is in place to protect your work, whether it be in a book, script, software etc. However there is a way to allow others to use your own copyright material. It’s called a copyright licensing agreement and lets you control who can use and what can be used by another party. For an easy to use, downloadable agreement template please go to this Copyright License Agreement by RP Emery and Associates.

Intellectual Property Licensing Agreement

Intellectual property (IP) is the property of your mind or proprietary knowledge and can be in many differing forms (eg: an invention, a trade mark, a design or the application of an idea.) Intellectual property is a valuable asset in any way but particularly when it comes under a business situation. It’s vital that you understand how to protect it.

A solid way to protect it but also reap the benefits by having another person or party use your IP is to set in place a legal agreement to license your IP. It is a very simple process that begins with downloading this IP licensing agreement template here.

Then simply fill in the blanks and sign as necessary. Now you are protected.

Manufacturing and Development Rights Agreement

This type of agreement is exactly as it sounds. It is where you agree to let another party manufacture and/or develop your idea or product. It is very important that the agreement is in place to protect both you and the manufacturer/developer so you are clear on what role will be undertaken and by whom.

Fortunately this is a simple process. Just go to this manufacturing rights agreement page and download your agreement template. Then just fill in the blanks (reference the plain English users guide for any help if needed) then print and sign. Now you and the other party are protected and free to have a healthy business venture together.